New biomedical research facility for Adelaide a “game changer” for SA cancer patients

25 August 2019

South Australia’s growing international reputation as a centre of medical research excellence took a significant step forward today with the announcement that a world-class biomedical research facility would be developed in Adelaide.

The Federal Government announced today it will invest $80 million to develop the South Australian immunoGENomics (SAiGEN) Cancer Institute in the heart of Adelaide’s medical research hub on North Terrace.

SAiGEN is the result of lobbying by Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff, and will provide new, more effective and curative approaches to diagnosing and treating cancer.

"Make no mistake, the SAiGEN Cancer Institute will be a game-changer for South Australian patients and significantly contribute to cancer research more broadly," Senator Griff said.

"This will help give South Australian cancer patients access to cutting-edge therapies, on home soil.

"I am proud to have worked with such talented cancer physicians and scientists to help bring the SAiGEN Cancer Institute to life," he said.

"SAiGEN’s collaborative and novel approach to cancer research and treatment will help to one day eradicate this insidious disease.

"As a new independent entity - with world-class health and biomedical research capability and capacity - SAiGEN will also complement the Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy, for which Centre Alliance (previously the Nick Xenophon Team) helped secure for South Australia in 2017."

Senator Griff said SAiGEN will provide genomic profiling of rare and less common cancers for SA patients, saving them the inconvenient, time-consuming and exhausting need to travel interstate to receive such treatment.

It will also provide clinical trials of CAR-T cell therapy for brain cancer patients, as well as the development of new antibody and small molecule therapies for breast cancer patients.

Making the announcement today (August 26), Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the SAiGEN will bring new cutting-edge technologies in immunotherapies and genomics together with talented researchers and physician-scientists under one roof, to make breakthrough cancer discoveries and develop new tests and treatments.

Senator Griff said South Australia is rapidly building an international reputation as a centre of medical research excellence.

"That reputation – in a highly competitive and evolving sector – has taken a significant step forward with today’s announcement," he said.

"The SAiGEN has the potential to save thousands of lives."

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