29 November 2021

Over the last two years Australia's engagement with its Public Service has changed enormously. Those with no interest in politics have found themselves watching long, daily press conferences, discussing and debating policy issues and constantly interacting with government apps and websites. The scale of engagement has completely reshaped our opinion of our leaders, our governments and our public institutions. Unfortunately, those experiences have often been disappointing or frustrating. There are many lessons that need to be learned and improvements realised, but public figures and agencies very much need to rebuild trust and credibility.

There is one institution that has deeply impressed throughout the pandemic and earned even more trust and respect amongst Australians: the SBS. They have done an absolutely stellar job of keeping us informed and ensuring that every Australian, no matter their background or language, has access to reliable and accurate information throughout the pandemic. This builds on the world-class service SBS has been delivering to Australia for almost half a century.

They are the quiet achievers of the public sector, an agency that very much keeps a low profile but constantly goes above and beyond in their work, and they do it all on very much a shoestring budget. They are a remarkable organisation, one which sets the standard for their industry. We are very fortunate to have a public broadcaster of their calibre in Australia. To everyone at SBS, I say thank you for what you do and what you have done over the past two years. You are a real asset to our country.

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