23 February 2021

Senator GRIFF (South Australia) (16:39): I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes the launch of the website last week which, for the first time, provides consumers with information about the success rates of each fertility clinic in Australia;

(b) further notes the strong consumer support for the website:

   (i) 26,000 unique visitors from Monday, 17 February to Friday, 19 February 2021, with excellent engagement on the site, and

   (ii) approximately half of visitors explored the clinic success rates and half used the website's personal 'IVF success estimator';

(c) recognises the Federal Government's role in delivering this important transparency tool for Australian health consumers;

(d) notes that transparency and public reporting of hospital performance and clinician outcomes allows patients to make an informed choice and is also important to improving patient outcomes;

(e) further notes that, in August 2018, the former Council of Australian Governments' Health Council communique stated 'ministers agreed to commit to create a data and reporting environment that increases patient choice through greater public disclosure of hospital and clinician performance and information'; and

(f) urges the Federal Government to resume and prioritise this work with state and territory health counterparts, and with the medical colleges, to ensure consistency of national data and to allow for transparency and reporting across all surgical specialities.

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